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Mr.Bricolage is opening in Savenay and transferring to Clamecy - 19/12/2013


Transfer of Mr.Bricolage’s Clamecy (Nièvre) store

Mr.Bricolage has opened a store at Savenay (44) and transferred its Clamecy (58) store at the end of 2013.

Opening in Savenay

The Savenay store in the Loire-Atlantique region (40 km north west of Nantes) has 1800 m² of DIY space, 370 m² under canvas and 600 m² of outdoor space. This store was previously run under the Catena brand.

Transfer to Clamecy

The Clamecy store in the Nièvre region (40 km to the south of Auxerre and 80 km to the north of Clamecy) has 1500 m² of covered space, 470 m² under canvas and 320 m² of outdoor space. The store transferred from allée Louis Blériot to the newly-opened Saint-Exupéry retail park. The store is located on avenue Jean Mermoz, near an E. Leclerc hypermarket.

Mr.Bricolage takes over 4 stores in Belgium - 01/07/2013

Magasin Mr.Bricolage à Aubel en Belgique

Mr.Bricolage takes over 4 stores in Belgium

Mr.Bricolage in Belgium has taken over 4 Alexandre group stores via Prova SA. This buyout takes the number of stores in Belgium to 43.

The 4 stores acquired by Mr.Bricolage are currently operated under the Alexandre brand. They have an annual turnover of 12 million Euro. These stores take the number of points of sale run directly by Prova SA to 12. Note that 35% of Prova SA capital is held by Mr.Bricolage SA.

At the end of 2012, 106 million Euro inc. VAT of turnover was achieved. This accounted for 51% of Mr.Bricolage’s international activities.

For more details, read the Speeding up international development press release.

Jean-François Boucher, CEO of Mr.Bricolage interviewed by Marc Fiorentino on BFMTV - 29/04/2013

Jean-François Boucher, Président-Directeur Général de Mr.Bricolage sur BFMTVJean-François Boucher, CEO of Mr.Bricolage, guest of Marc Fiorentino on the “C’est votre argent” programme on BFM TV.

The CEO of the Mr.Bricolage group talked about the history, key figures and news from the leading group of independent DIY stores in France. Part of the interview was dedicated to the group’s development and its international development in particular. Jean-François Boucher commented on the situation of the DIY market since the beginning of 2013. The end of the interview was dedicated to how the group is using the Internet. The group’s CEO looked back at its strategic acquisition, in 2012, of two pure-players: Le Jardin de Catherine and La Maison de Catherine. This purchase enabled the group to acquire skills very quickly. These skills enabled the company to save vital time in adding the e-commerce brick to the website. By the end of 2013, 300 stores will have their own online store under the Mr.Bricolage umbrella.

Spring is here and walls are blooming for Mr Bricolage… - 16/04/2012

In just a few weeks, Mr Bricolage has extended its sales area by 11000 m² in France and 5800 m² in Belgium.

In France, early April, two stores opened in Saint-Romain de Colbosc (76) and Courseulles (14). The sales outlets in Ruoms (07), Bray sur Seine (77), Gréasque (13), Pont Saint-Esprit (30) and Steenvoorde (59) have been expanded. Finally, the stores in Gérardmer (88) and La Tranche sur Mer (85) have been transferred and extended.

In Belgium, the stores in Sombreffe and Wellin have left their group to join Mr Bricolage. The Belgian network continues to target independent traders. This network now includes a total of 38 stores and the number of Mr Bricolage stores around the world has reached 63.

Belgium: three more Mr Bricolage stores![/lang_en - 10/11/2011

Yet another 3 new Mr Bricolage stores have opened in Belgium, bringing the total number of new stores to 7 in 2011. The Belgian Mr Bricolage network now includes 36 sales outlets.

On 27 October 2011, Mr Bricolage opened 3 stores in Spa, Couvin and Waremme. These new stores represent over 5,600 m² in indoor surface area and over 800 m² in outdoor space.

The Belgian network of Mr Bricolage stores is continuing its expansion by attracting independent traders. A very dense network of DIY stores exists in Belgium. They generally have a surface area somewhere between 1500 and 2000 m². These stores are often managed by independent traders. These independent traders join a trading group, but are increasingly turning to groups with strong reputations such as Mr Bricolage.

Mr Bricolage wins a “Best Franchisees and partners of France” award - 18/10/2011

Mr Bricolage received an award at the 24th “Meilleurs Franchisés et partenaires de France” competition. This competition is organised by the Fédération des Réseaux Européens de Partenariat et de Réseaux de Franchise (Federation of European Partnership networks and Franchise networks). This institute is better known by its acronym, IREF, and unites independent structured trading networks.

The franchisee of the Mr.Bricolage store in Hazebrouck, Dominique Duquesnoy, received the Grand Award for Commercial Attack. The awards were sponsored by Pierre Lellouche, Secretary of State in charge of foreign trade, and Frédéric Lefèvre, Secretary of State in charge of Commerce and Crafts, SME’s, Tourism, Services, Independent Professions and Consumption.

The IREF also celebrated its 30th anniversary on this occasion. Since its creation, over 600 franchisees and partners have received awards from this institute. The competition received 30% more applications than usual for this 24th edition.

The awards are based on criteria focusing on economic performance, participation in the network, advertising, communication campaigns and involvement in the local community (Chamber of Commerce, associations, etc.).

Dominique Duquenoy (franchisee for the store in Hazebrouck and Thierry Portelette (in charge of development for the Northern region)

Two Mr Bricolage stores now open in Baugé and La Ferté sous Jouarre - 30/09/2011

The Mr Bricolage store in Baugé (Maine & Loire)

The Mr Bricolage group has recently opened two stores in Baugé (Maine & Loire) and La Ferté sous Jouarre (Seine & Marne). These local stores cover a total surface area of almost 3000 m².

At Baugé (40 km to the east of Angers), the store includes an indoor area of 954 m², a canopy covering 670 m² and an outdoor area of 334 m².

At La Ferté sous Jouarre (20 km to the east of Meaux), the store includes an indoor area of 822 m² and an outdoor canopy covering 120 m². This store was formerly operated under the Catena name.

These two stores add to the set of local stores in the group. The Mr Bricolage network includes almost 400 stores throughout mainland France.

The La Ferté sous Jouarre (77) team

New stores and extensions for Mr.Bricolage - 17/05/2011

The Mr.Bricolage group has recently opened 5 stores, changed the name of 6 stores and transferred and extended 8 of its current sales outlets. The group has gained total additional sales space of around 30,000 m².

Mr.Bricolage has opened 5 stores in Saint-Philbert de Grand Lieu (44), Ambazac (87), Plancoët (22), Plouzané (29) and Saint-Just Malmont (43). The first 3 are former rival stores acquired by the group (Bricomarché and Weldom). The new stores represent an additional approximate 9,000 m² including more than 7,000 m² indoor space.

5 Catena stores have switched to the Mr.Bricolage name in Daoulas (29), Douvres la Délivrande (14), Montoire sur le Loir (41), Parigné l’Evêque (72) and Quiberon (56). One Les Briconautes store has switched to Mr.Bricolage. A total of 9,600 m² including almost 8,600 m² of indoor space is affected by these name changes.

Finally, the stores in Bourgueuil (37), Villefranche sur Saône (69) and Tignieu (38) have been moved and extended. The stores in Charmeil-Vichy (03), Paray le Monial (71), Gaillac (81), Marmande (47) and Château du Loir (72) have been extended. Total extensions represent around 11,200 m² for the store, including over 6,500 m² in indoor space.


Mr Bricolage speeds up its development in Belgium - 20/04/2011

Mr Bricolage is continuing its growth in Belgium, reaching 33 outlets. The group has recently opened 4 stores in Braine le Comte, Habay, Ohey and Soignies after transferring the stores from Florennes and Aubel. Sales surface area for the group in Belgium has increased by 9,500 m².

The 4 new stores represent over 9,000 m² in additional sales space for Mr Bricolage. They were previously members of a rival trading group for Mr Bricolage.

The Mr Bricolage stores in Florennes and Aubel have been transferred to new premises in recent months. At Florennes, indoor sales area has been increased to 1,568 m² and outdoor sales area modified to 703 m². The store in Aubel has been extended by almost 1,000 m², creating 1,460 m² in indoor sales area and 540 m² of outdoor space. Both stores have recorded strong growth in turnover since re-opening.

Belgium is the number one contributor to Mr Bricolage turnover outside of France. In this country, the group can boast sales space of almost 80,000 m². Belgian Mr Bricolage stores are located in Wallonia. The Belgian network is special in that most stores are local outlets with a surface area of between 1,500 and 2,000 m². In Belgium, the DIY market is dominated by independent stores. Each year, several of these stores join Mr Bricolage, constantly pushing the market share up.

The town of Nantes: Mr Bricolage opens at Rezé - 02/03/2011

The Mr Bricolage group opens a new store to the south of the town of Nantes.

With a surface area of 5,700 m², this store will offer a wide range of products to meet the expectations of customers. Many product display areas will be available, particularly focusing on bathrooms, balneology, walk-in dressing rooms, decoration and joinery.

All departments offer a wide range. To give an example, the tiling department includes 450 models and the parquet department 280.

The store is also equipped with a construction materials department which customers can access directly with their vehicle. A showroom with a surface area of 200 m² displays the products sold in the store.

See the page for the store