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Mr Bricolage opens its first store in Skopje, Macedonia - 06/04/2012

Mr Bricolage has opened its first store in Macedonia, at Skopje. This is the 61st international store of the Mr Bricolage group.

The store has a surface area of 2,900 m² and was opened by the President of the Republic of Macedonia, in the presence of over 700 guests. The Mr Bricolage group maintains its investment by developing its stores in the Balkans.

The company operating this new store is a subsidiary of Doverie Brico, partner of Mr Bricolage in Bulgaria since 2000. This company has also constructed a network of stores in Serbia since 2009.

Mr.Bricolage prepares to open a store in Skopje, Macedonia - 22/09/2011

Work on the first Mr. Bricolage store in Skopje, Macedonia, is progressing well. The opening of the store is planned for the first quarter of 2012. The store will cover a surface area of 2,440 m².

The site of the future store lies on a main road leading to the centre of the Macedonian capital, Skopje.

Macedonia is located in the Balkan peninsula. This Republic state was formed after the breakup of Yugoslavia. Macedonia is bordered by Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania. The republic of Macedonia submitted a request to join the European Union in 2004.

The population of Macedonia includes a total of slightly over 2 million inhabitants, of which one third live in the capital city. 59% of the population lives in an urban area. Macedonia covers a surface area of approximately 25,000 km² (equivalent to the surface area of the Netherlands) and mainly consists of mountain areas.

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